About Your Sonderpod


Open Living

During the design process, the SonderPod team went to great lengths to give each SonderPod a feeling of open space. By creating generous living areas and avoiding tight corridors 3 or 4 people can live in a SonderPod without feeling like they are bumping into each other.  We have also built into the design 4 indoor-outdoor flow opportunities with large double doors off the main living space and both bedrooms allowing you to extend your living space into the outdoors. If you are interested in indoor-outdoor living ideas for your SonderPod, let us know! Contact Us


Floor Plan

The SonderTwo is a 2 bedroom, 750 square foot mini-home. It features a generous entrance area that allows for a transition space for movement between the living area and the bedrooms and the main door. Each bedroom features full-length double doors allowing for indoor-outdoor flow opportunities. The generous living space is over 50% of the footprint of the unit, this clever use of space and floor to ceiling glass doors and open kitchen give the impression that the home is larger than it is. The full bathroom is also discreetly configured with full laundry facilities adding to the function of the home without harming the aesthetic. For more information on exact specifications, please get in touch! Contact Us


Smart Home

Your SonderPod comes fully pre-configured for the ultimate smart home experience powered by Google Home or Amazon Alexa. Every lighting panel and power socket is wifi enabled and smart home ready. Control almost every aspect of your SonderPod from your phone or voice. Set up morning and evening routines to have your SonderPod align with your life. And yes, with each new SonderPod we’ll provide you with either a Google Home Hub or and Amazon Alexa to get you started on your smart home journey! Want to learn more about our smart home technology? Contact Us



At SonderPods we strive to minimize our impact on the environment. This includes everything from powering most of our production process with solar as well as minimizing wastage of materials through our designs and manufacturing process. We have also insulated SonderPods to a higher standard than most custom built homes in California. This additional thermal insulation minimizes energy consumption which is not only kinder to our planet but also your wallet. For more Information on how we care for the planet and your wallet, just get in touch. Contact Us


We have designed the SonderPod from the ground up to compress costs but keep building quality high. This has allowed us to deliver the quality you would expect in a custom built home at a price that is accessible to almost everyone. SonderPods also have been designed to require minimal foundations which further reduces cost and impact on your property. The SonderTwo has an introductory price of $89,995 + foundation and installation costs for all reservations received before January 1, 2019. To obtain an estimate for foundations and installation costs for your home please let us know. Contact Us