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WSJ: Families are Shifting Away from Traditional Senior Housing & SonderPods is Part of the Solution

As families pull vulnerable loved ones out of care homes nationwide, the Wall Street Journal highlights SonderPods as part of the solution.

Every ADU has a story — and that’s what we love most about what we do at SonderPods. We don’t just offer a backyard home. We offer a space to be used by an aging parent, a college student, a young couple, or as the homeowner’s office. The applications are endless and in hearing the stories from our customers there’s one thing that remains the same, these units are solving a real life challenge: the decision about how and where to live.

Katy McLaughlin from the Wall Street Journal recently wrote an article (see link below) featuring the work we are doing here at SonderPods. She highlighted the demand for housing that comes with a dedicated, independent living space for a family member or loved one has been a growing trend in recent years. And since the pandemic began, this trend has exploded — positioning SonderPods homes as an affordable solution to this need.

Here in California, we have a deficit of over 3 million homes, and most of these fall in the affordable home category. The impact of this is that people are forced to relocate to more affordable locations, many times out of state to live their life or retire more comfortably. In normal times, this is an unfortunate trend that separates families and communities, but in times of a pandemic it can easily cross into a more dangerous territory. For this reason an increasing number of families are electing to keep their loved ones closer by buying homes that have enough space on their land to place a SonderPods home.

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At SonderPods we have also introduced helpful features such as a video intercom system allowing for immediate communication between the main home and the SonderPods home in the backyard. Having potentially vulnerable family members nearby and in a comfortable, independent space provides great peace of mind.

Here is a link to the article. It does require a subscription to the Wall Street Journal but it’s a great read if you have a subscription or would like to sign up for one. WSJ.com Article. If you are unable to subscribe, here are a couple of the highlights:

  •   Occupancy in assisted living facilities has dropped by more than 2.5% in each of the last two quarters, which is the largest drop on record.
  •  Home builders have seen a significant increase in demand for homes that have additional living facilities or the option to add additional living facilities such as a SonderPods home.
  •   The major drivers of this trend are safety concerns due to the pandemic, financial savings and a general desire to keep families closer together.

Interested in learning more? Talk to one of our SonderPods consultants to see if an ADU would be a good fit for you!

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