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Will my home be approved for a SonderPod?

The laws have been significantly improved to make it easier than ever to get a permit to add an ADU to your property but it’s still far from straightforward. We have outlined the main components of the requirements for approval below for your information.

But just remember, SonderPods is a full-service ADU provider so we’ll take care of all the administration and headaches for you. If you prefer to skip the detail below, just get in touch as well take care of it all for you! Contact Us

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1. Land Coverage

You must not exceed the existing maximum coverage allowance for your home including your SonderPod. The maximum allowed coverage (how much of your land is covered by a building) is generally 30% but does change city to city. So if you own a 12,000 square foot parcel of land, the overly simplistic assumption to use if that you can build up to 4,000 square feet of buildings on your land. Now if your existing home is  2000 square feet then you can potentially add up to another 2000 square feet of buildings. A SonderPod is 750 square feet so we need to confirm that this space is available. The good news is that we can do this very quickly for you. Just let us know your address and we’ll look up your property and confirm immediately.

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3. Design Requirements

The law states that an ADU must be self-contained which means that it requires a separate bathroom and kitchen as well as a separate entrance. It must also be on a permanent foundation and built to all applicable building codes. SonderPods are designed and purpose-built for use as an ADU. We’ve designed these requirements into each SonderPod model and as an Approved Californian Factory Built Housing company, all of our building meet the required codes for placement anywhere in California from the snow of Tahoe to the heat of Joshua Tree. Built in California, for California!

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2. Maximum Size, setbacks, and the 50% Rule

The Law states that an accessory dwelling unit can be up to 1200 square feet but must not exceed 50% of the size of the existing home including your garage. So if you have an 1800 square foot house, you can only build an ADU up to 900 square as that is 50% of the existing house. SonderPods are 750 square feet so we will confirm that your existing home is 1500 square feet or larger.

Also, your ADU cannot be placed within 5 feet of any boundary line of your property. The distance from the boundary of your property to the edge of your building is referred to as the setback. When we do a site plan for your SonderPod, we’ll confirm that your SonderPod will be at least this distance from any boundary.

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4. Parking Or Public Transport

When building an ADU, you are increasing the population of your neighbourhood and more people generally means more cars. To allow for this the ADU code requires that you supply one off-street parking spot for each bedroom contained in the ADU. However, if you have public transport services within half a mile of your home, you are exempt from this requirement. Your SonderPods team can help you confirm the distance of your nearest public transport services.

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