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By the time you finish reading this article, approximately seven baby boomers will have reached retirement age. As the U.S.’s largest generation exits the workforce, new retirees should be allowed the freedom to be near family, and live life to its fullest.

In California today, however, housing prices are high and growing higher. 39-percent of Bay Area residents are now considered “cost-burdened”–meaning over 30% of their income is dedicated to housing costs alone–and the problem is far more dire for those no longer in the workforce. With an estimated 8%+ rise in California housing prices over the coming calendar year, grandparents are being left out in the cold, forced to move far away from their children and grandchildren simply in order to afford the costs of living. A dollar today simply doesn’t go as far as it once did, and families are being stretched because of it


Too often today, getting to see your grandkids requires more than just a short walk down the street or a short drive to the next town over–nowadays it takes hours-long drives or even flights.  But is it really so much to ask, that family get to live near family?

Here, finally, is the solution: SonderPods.

SonderPods are the most cost-effective way for elderly individuals to live comfortably, in close proximity to family. And the concept is deceptively simple.

SonderPods are high-quality modular accessory dwelling units: in other words, they’re luxury guest houses, at less than half the cost. You can have your new SonderPod ready to go in just two weeks’ time—a functioning, prefabricated, fully-furnished home, dropped right into your backyard. That means baby boomers can finally live close to family while maintaining the independence of having their own home.

If you’re still not convinced, consider this: the average cost per square foot of constructing a new building in California today averages at around $400. For higher-end and smaller projects, this number can jump as high as $700 or more. SonderPods are built to the same code and standards as any other home, for just $250 per square foot installed. That often double the rate of return on your dollar.

Are you, or a relative close to you, retiring or planning to retire soon? There is simply no better, more fiscally responsible way to start a new life in the Bay Area, nearest to the ones you love, than with SonderPods.

If you are still saving for your retirement, our blog post on how a SonderPod can help you enjoy a better retirement years earlier is a must read. Click Here!

Not all homes meet the criteria to be approved for an accessory dwelling unit so we have created an ADU Approval Checklist that covers the major requirements for approval.  Your SonderPod team can also pre-qualify your home in just 48 hours. To find out if your home qualifies, Click Here!

***Certain restrictions may apply, as SonderPods require a predetermined amount of available land, and must qualify under all relevant California law.

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  1. Can these unites be installed in other states as well? I am considering moving out of California and this would be a perfect solution. How does the water and sewage get hooked up? Is it also hooked up to the main house lines? Do we need a permit from city to do this on property? How much are permits?

    1. Hi There!
      As an approved factory-built housing company in California, we are just servicing this state currently but we will service other states soon.

      Yes, the units are connected to the local utilities.

      Yes, you need a permit but it’s a fairly straightforward process as there is a specific allowance at the California level for the approval of accessory dwelling units (ADU). We can pre-approve you in about 48 hours by confirming that your property meets all of the requirements for approval. All we need for the pre-approval is the address of the property in question.

      Thanks for your interest!


        1. Yes, they can. The approval process to use these as an accessory dwelling is more simple than it is for a primary dwelling but our units are built to the same code and standards are any custom built home.

      1. Are these pods best used for elder parents or grannies or can they also be used for income rental? That is, do you have any other models, specifically a 2 bedroom model? Thank you

      2. I’m considering Prescott Az. As Caifornia prices are sending me out of My home state! Please let me know, the possibilities, as I am 70 in years.

    1. Hi There, the SonderTwo which is a two bedroom, 750 square foot mini home complete with kitchen and bathroom has an introductory price of $89,995 plus installation, foundations (I&F). We quote for each home but on a flat lot we suggest you allow $15,000 for I&F and if it’s a hillside lot it’s better to allow $25,000.
      The good news is that part of the new law for these units is that the utilities cannot charge expensive new connection fees. So the cost depends on how far the unit is located from the existing dwelling on the property.

    1. Hi Patti, we are developing a one bedroom version that will be released in the new year. I’ll make a note of your request and email on a floor plan as soon as we have it finalized. Thanks!

    1. Hi Katrin, the SonderTwo which is a two bedroom, 750 square foot mini home complete with kitchen and bathroom has an introductory price of $89,995 plus installation, foundations (I&F). We quote for each home but on a flat lot we suggest you allow $15,000 for I&F and if it’s a hillside lot it’s better to allow $25,000.

    1. Our first unit is the SonderTwo which is a 750 square foot two bedroom pod. But we do have a smaller one bedroom unit in development called the SonderSuite.This will be around 590 square feet.

  2. I’m about to acquire a property with 2 homes. One is manufactured homes that I plan to demolish. Is this modular home a good replacement home. There is already a foundation. How much will this cost

    1. We would need to see the foundation that you have there but we should be able to use that and save you some money. We’ll email you shortly with more information. Thanks!

    1. Hi there, generally you need a space which is a minimum of 24 feet x 45 feet. But we’ll confirm that when we qualify your home. We’ll email you now to confirm the requirements for your home. Thanks!

    1. Hi Mozzie, we are a certified factory built housing company in California only at this point. We can let you know if/when we expand to other states.

    1. Oh I love it. It’s perfect for what I need. Curious if you could do 2 story home or bigger. It would be for me in my son’s back yard, with my 3 small dogs. Just wanted a little more room.

      Thank You!

    1. Hi Ronald, we are only in California at the moment but we’ll hopefully be expanding later in 2020. We’ll let you know when we do!

  3. We are in Richmond. Would have the space but would need to clear cut our back yard of two shed and a walnut tree. Dealing with City of Richmond can be awkward. Does Richmond area qualify.

    1. It sure does, Kevin. All of California is covered by the new ADU laws. We’ll message you with next steps.

        1. We have three finance partners that we work with who can make it very easy for you. We can handle those introductions for you

  4. Jim allowed a 880sq ft “granny” unit on my property…very interested…please send info & would love to C U in Rohnert Park

  5. Hi there. Love the designs. Can the Sonderpod 2 floor plan be flipped/reversed? I would be placing it lengthwise on a narrow lot on my lake property in upstate NY (near Canada). Which makes me ask if the front (narrow end) can have 2 sliders instead of one? And what kind of weatherproofing winterizing does it come with?

    1. Hi Linda, Yes the 2 bedroom can be flipped to a mirror image but unfortunately We only cover California today. Thanks for getting in touch and good luck with the project!

  6. Hi, These look great and think they would work in my backyard. Looking at your 540 and 750 sq ft units. What do they cost? And what does that include/exclude? Seems to be a lot of variation in what people include for these units. Thanks!

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