The SP540 is a generously sized 1 bedroom home. The living area is an open floor plan, and natural sunlight splashes through the perfectly placed floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors. The bedroom is 108 square feet and offers you the space and comfort you need to enjoy peace and quiet after a long day.

The SP540 is perfect for just about anyone. Aging parents, newlyweds, young professionals, or adult children living at home can all have a place to call home with this lovely unit.

Optional extras include; Decking, Fire sprinklers, Finish Upgrades, Integrated 2.3Kw Solar System

Size 17'4" wide x 31' long (539sqft)

Full size kitchen & Bathroom
Laundry connections
Fully insulated
Mini split HVAC

Typical Project Pricing

Includes: Completed unit, sales tax, HVAC, stovetop and oven, dishwasher, full sized refrigerator.

Includes: Transportation (upto 400 miles) and crane services (upto 100ft), foundations (Upto 24″ variation in height), water, electricity & sewer services (based on ADU being placed upto 15 feet from primary home), installation

Architectural / Project Management Fees $4000, Permit Fee Allowance of $10,000

The total basic project budget is the total estimated cost for all essential work required to pass all local municipality inspections. Pricing may vary if your property falls outside of the allowances listed above. Speak with your SonderPods representative to obtain a customized quote for your project.

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