The 750 square foot, two bedroom SonderTwo is the largest SonderPod. With two generous bedrooms, large bathroom and laundry and large open plan living areas and kitchen, the SonderTwo really is a great example not sacrificing lifestyle but still living smaller. Designed for small families or professionals that need an extra room or an office, there really is nothing “accessory” about this dwelling, it’s a beautiful home.

Exterior Finishes

The SonderTwo comes in 3 exterior finishes – vertical contemporary siding, traditional horizontal siding and a modern Board & Batten finish. Each of these finished come with more than 10 color options.

Interior Options

There are two interior finish options – Clean white, or natural wood.

Optional extras include full HVAC, Smart Home Integration and ADA facilities.


Note: These are the different finish options that you can choose as a customer. There are a total of 3 exterior finishes to choose from and 2 interior finishes.