Signature Series


S750 Floorplan

Two bedroom with ensuite bathrooms and a spacious social area


S750 Project Pricing

Unit Price: $225,000.00

This includes a complete ready-to-rent or move-in-ready unit and sales tax with heating and air condition, stovetop and oven, dishwasher, counter depth refrigerator – all ENERGY STAR certified

Installation Pricing: $105,000.00

This Includes:

Options not included in base price:

Architectural and Project Management Allowance


This includes a full set of permits, city/county liaison, and overall management of the project.

Permit Fee Allowances


Total All-In Project Price


Cost Per Sq Ft


This total project price includes the cost for all essential work required to pass all local municipality inspections.

Pricing may vary if your property falls outside of the allowances listed above. Speak with your SonderPods representative for a customized quotation.