1. Collaborate and Design

The first step is to have some fun with your vision for your SonderPod! With our design services packages we’ll collaborate with you to understand your tastes, style and priorities to come up with a fully “build ready” solution inside and out to match your individual needs.


2. Feasibility Study

Now that we have a a great vision for what we want to achieve together, we need to ensure that this vision is built on solid foundations. During this phase our customer success team will review all available information about your property to identify any potential risks that may impact either the feasibility or cost of your project. Once this stage is complete, you can be confident that you vision can become a reality.


3. Permitting

The first step after confirming your go ahead for the project is to work with the local municipalities to obtain a building permit for your project. Our customer success team will handle this process for you every step of the way and generally takes 60-90 days from your go ahead to receiving your permit.


4. Site Preparation

Once your permit is issued and about 14 days before your scheduled installation date, our field services team will begin to prepare your property for the big day. This includes installing foundations and trenching in the required utilities. The team will generally only be on your property for around 7 days and the remaining 7 days before installation is required to allow for drying time and initial inspections.


5. Transport

In the days before installation, your SonderPod will be be wrapped in a weatherproof covering and prepared for transportation. Our teams coordinate with local authorities and traffic control specialists to ensure an on time arrival at your property ready for installation.


6. Installation

Installation day is always the most exciting one. Grab your family, neighbors and camera as over a period of about 2 hours the two halves of your SonderPod will be lifted into place and attached to their foundations. It’s really a special moment that in such a short period of time your open back yard suddenly has a completed house standing on it! 

7. Post Installation

Your SonderPods experience does not end on installation day. Most of our customers opt for additional decking, landscaping or interior design packages. Our teams remain dedicated to your project until every last item is successfully delivered to your satisfaction and your full SonderPods vision is realized. 

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