Building Net-Zero Passive ADUS

Sonderpods are proud to be the leading Net-zero, passive ADU on the California market. We believe our homes should exist in harmony with nature, and strive to incorporate the most efficient building practices and technologies throughout the entire process. 

water savings

Hybrid Water Heater

Our ADU’s are all designed to create more energy than they use.


ERV System

Brings Clean, fresh air in, and removes stale air without compromising the Insulation of the ADU.


Cool Roof

Materials and colors used to ensure heat is not gained or lost where it shouldn't be.


6” insulation in wall, plus 1.5”- 2” rigid insulation outside frames. Extra insulation in flooring and ceilings.

High Spec Windows

High efficiency DSB Glass with 366 Low-E & Argon. Energy Star N, NC & S.


Dual controlled HVAC system. One in each bedroom, & the living area.

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Our entire range features the latest efficiency technologies as a standard.

bedroom layout

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