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FAQ: Coffee & Questions

Introduction: Welcome to Coffee & Questions!

Coffee & Questions is a video series where we answer the most common questions we hear about accessory dwelling units.

Episode One: How hard is it to get a permit for a SonderPod?

In this episode we talk about the the approach the counties, cities, and state is taking with regards to issuing permits for accessory dwelling units.

Episode Two: SonderPods Vs Mobile Homes

In this episode we look at the differences between SonderPods and mobile homes and what you should look out for when making a decision between the two options.

Episode Three: How much does a SonderPod cost?

In this episode we talk about the cost of SonderPods and how we compare to the other options out there.

Episode Four: Can’t I just buy a mobile home or RV and live in that?

We get a lot of comments on Facebook where folks suggest just living in a mobile home or trailer as an alternative to building a permanent ADU on their property. In this episode we look a the legislation outlined by the California Department of Housing and Community Development to see if this is really is an option. (Link to site for more information.)

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