Sonderpods - Housing 3.0

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Completely Freestanding

Sondorpods require minimal foundations so they can be put practically anywhere and are easily moved to new locations.

Modular Design

The range consists of different basic module sizes from which complex volumetric buildings can be created.

Latest Technology

State of the art materials selection and cutting-edge off-site fabrication techniques keep costs realistic.

Fast Implementation

Off-site manufacture eliminates cost uncertainty and delay, delivering homes ready for immediate occupation.

Architectural Detail

Sonderpods offer stylish but functional buildings rich in architectural planning and attention to detail.

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Plug and Play buildings by Sonderpods


Our unique, transportable, modular structures are 100% built in a factory.

Outstanding design and attention to detail ensures that Sonderpods buildings surpass USA building regulation requirements and provide a clean and comfortable living space without compromise on furnishing, or bathroom and kitchen equipment. Buildings are supplied fully equipped and furnished ready for immediate occupation.


Our mission is to research and integrate the latest sustainable technologies into production methods as well as our accommodation solutions.

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Lisa Kimberly

Sonderpods are stylish but simple, elegant but functional and easy to maintain. High levels of insulation, double glazed windows and energy saving equipment ensures that homes are highly economical.

John Doe

Sonderpods are completely portable and are delivered by truck. All furniture and equipment is supplied with the building. After connection to local utilities the homes are ready to occupy.


Sonderpods are available in different sizes offering endless possibilities for one, two and three bedroom homes. Residential buildings have a fully equipped shower room and kitchen, and custom designed space saving furniture and decor.

About Us

We value people over profits, quality over quantity, and keeping it real. As such, we deliver an unmatched finished product, perfect in every detail. Our team is intentionally small, committed, and highly skilled in specific fields bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to off-site construction and fine quality property development.

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Applications by Sonderpods


Rental Accommodation

Self-contained homes provide an instant rental income that offer numerous possibilities to increase your income.

Guest annexe pods

Stand-alone guest suites provide instant, attractive self-contained accommodation for friends and family.

Designer homes

Luxury, architect designed homes built off-site offer an extensive range of modern composite cladding finishes.

Home extensions

Exquisite garden annexes can be joined to existing buildings providing a disruption-free, cost effective extension.

Granny Annexe

Comfortable, highly insulated, relocatable ‘home from home’ garden annexes for elderly relatives and loved ones.

Temporary housing

Self-contained homes provide instant accommodation for use on temporary sites and easily transportable to other locations.

Home care pods

Unique ‘plug and play’ care pods are designed and equipped to cater for a range of home caring needs.

Hospitality Applications

Scalable, portable, self-contained rooms and resort accommodation within 30 days.


How can we help you?

We can help you at every section of the process from planning, designing and even adding those finishing touches. So where are in the process of adding value to your life, your home and your bank account.

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