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Our Process

Benefits of SonderPods

We’ve created a simple 5-step process clearly defining what happens every step of the way from deciding if an ADU is right for you, to submitting the necessary items to apply for a permit, through to us handing over the keys.

  • Streamlined manufacturing process
  • Innovative installation method
  • High quality & affordable


Cost: Free of charge
Timeline: 24-48 hours
One of our ADU specialists will confirm that your property meets all the criteria under California Law for an ADU building permit. Once your home is pre-qualified, you can be 90%+ sure that you will be approved for a permit. 

To pre-qualify your home we evaluate the following information:

1. The zone that your house is in to confirm that the ADU legislation applies to your home.
2. That you have enough space in your backyard for a SonderPod including required set backs.
3. We confirm that you would not breach any lot coverage maximums or other ordinances that the may prevent a permit being issued.
4. Confirm that we are able to access your property to enable a successful installation.

Planning & Feasibility Bundle

Cost: $2995
Timeline: 14 days
Now that you have decided on which SonderPod you are interested in, it’s time to start planning out your project in full. The planning and feasibility bundle covers all of the major items that allow us to scope out your entire project including final estimated costs for your particular project.

What to expect from your Planning & Feasibility Bundle:

1. Full Site Plans including the proposed ADU
2. Site Visit from a SonderPods building manager to discuss your project in more detail and confirm requirements for installation such as electrical panel upgrades, sewer and water connections and any additional required site preparation such as retaining walls or raised foundations.
3. On site inspection by our crane and logistics partners to confirm installation strategy and costs. 
4. Full color 3D rendering of your proposed project including your color and option selections.
5. Final turn key estimate including unit cost, transportation, installation, permits and other site preparation costs. 

Permit Approval Process

Cost: 1st Progress Payment (33% of Project estimate)
Timeline: 30-90 days
Now that we that we have your project fully scoped and priced the next step is to engage the city and apply for your permits. There are a number of items that the city will require in your submission but don’t worry, we take care of it all for you. At this point, your first progress payment becomes due.

Included in your permit submittal package:

1. Site Plans
2. Elevations and cross section drawings
3. Certified mechanical & engineering plans and calculations
4. Certified Title 24 Certification
5. Additional required documentation such as any coastal, flood zone or seismic submissions.
6. Permit and plan check fees


Cost: 2nd Progress Payment Due
Timeline: 30 days
Congratulations, you now have your permit and it’s time to build and install your SonderPods home and we are just 30 days from the finish line! At this stage your second progress payment becomes due. During this stage, most of the action happens in our factory but our general contractor will also visit the site and prepare it for installation. We’ll also send you progress pictures of your SonderPod during construction so you want watch it take shape in real time!


Cost: 3rd Progress Payment Due
Timeline: Up to 7 days
You SonderPod is now completely constructed at our Riverside factory and is about to be transported to your property for final installation. Around 3-7 prior, your installation team have been preparing the site for installation day!

What to expect during installation:

Every SonderPod installation is a closely organized procedure including multiple parties such as crane & logistics people carrying out mulitple tasks all at once to get your SonderPod installed. This includes a licensed general contractor to trench and connect utilities and constructed the foundations, certified crane operation companies to locate the unit onto the foundations and city inspectors to give you peace of mind that everything has been competed to code and safe for you to occupy. The last step is that your SonderPods representative will walk through the unit with you to confirm everything is as per the specifications and scope of the project. You will then be supplied with all of the building and appliance warranties and that is the final step of your journey with SonderPods!  


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