Our Process


Benefits of SonderPods

We’ve created a simple 5-step process clearly defining what happens every step of the way from deciding if an ADU is right for you, to submitting the necessary items to apply for a permit, through to us handing over the keys.

  • Streamlined manufacturing process
  • Innovative installation method
  • High quality & affordable
  • Custom built in as little as 30 days


Cost: Free of charge
Timeline: 24-48 hours
One of our ADU specialists will confirm that your property meets all the criteria under California Law for an ADU building permit. We will send you a report outlining your options.

Virtual Placement

Cost: $349
Timeline: 5-7 days
Want to see exactly what your completed project will look like like before you even place your order? With our Virtual Placement Service, our designers will place a virtual unit to scale on your property using images you send us.

Project Feasibility Study

Cost: $2995
Timeline: 14 days
Now that you have decided on which SonderPod you are interested in, you will need all of the documentation that the cities require in order to submit your permit application. This includes site plans, architectural and engineering plans and more. Our Feasibility study provides you with not only all the documentation required to apply for a permit, we will also provide you with a final price estimate for the entire project.

Permit Approval Process

Cost: Costs Vary By City
Timeline: Up to 60 days
Now that we have submitted your permit application on your behalf, by law the cities have up to 60 days to issue your permit. Most cities however usually issue permits within 14-21 days with some cities issuing permits on immediately on the same day that the completed application has been submitted.

Construction & Installation

Cost: Priced Per Project
Timeline: 30 days
Congratulations, you now have your permit and it’s time to order to SonderPod and confirm your siding and finish choices. Once we have received your order, we begin construction of your SonderPod. We’ll have it installed on your property in 30 days and we’ll only be onsite and your home for 2-3 days total. Your project manager will then tour the SonderPod with you to ensure everything was completed just as promised, we’ll hand over the keys, and pop some champagne!

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